Written Banter

I arrived at the Fresh Pot on Hawthorne after attending the Bar Camp 2009 kick off day.  This is a good place to chill and code, think tech, or finish some work and blogs as I was doing.  I also was thoroughly testing out my Clear Wimax USB Device.  This was pivatol for me to do ASAP to be sure I wanted to keep the service or not.  So far I got disconnected once, which you can read about on my Transit Sleuth Blog.

We've covered a ton of ground this week at work in training.  I've learned a bit, am prepped for the new efforts I'm going to undertake, and am jumping back into taking care of some things that have gotten backed up since I've been in training this week.  I've gotten a dose of SQL Server 2008 Administration, and am happy with the changes over the previous versions, and got to review the Webtrends Visitor Intelligence, Score, and Warehouse Solutions.  I often forget, especially when doing development on a single part of the overall suite how many awesome tools Webtrends has.  There is really some powerful functionality in the technologies.

On that note I've finished up most things for the day and am jumping into some ASP.NET MVC work I've been doing.  Hopefully with more to be posted soon.  Right now I have been digging through various ways to do theming/skins.  One thing, is that the CSS, HTML, etc that can be produced with the ASP.NET MVC Framework is light years beyond the complete catastrophe that comes out of standard ASP.NET WebForms.  I've spent years designing, building architecture, and trying to compensate for its lackluster ability in that realm, but now with the new framework elements I feel like the .NET Framework has once again gotten back onto a solid and good path.  In the past the .NET Framework has always seemed more cohesive than any framework out there, but now it seems like it might regain that after losing it over the last year or two.  It?s a relief as I do like working with the tools and framework.

On other fronts, I will be digging into some prospective speaking engagements and am trying to figure out if I want to do some sessions (or A session) at code camp.  I definitely will be there, as I've been working with the organizing committee and been having fun doing so.  I also intend to attend at least a few of the sessions if I have time between volunteering.  Do you have a session that you could present?  If so get over to the site and sign up for a session!

Anyway… I'm done rambling on for now.  Got some things to write up for code camp and some code to get done.