Final Review for Clear

I've ridden the #14 out all the way to Powell and the #9 out of downtown to Powell.  On both trips I landed some pretty nasty disconnects.  I wasn't happy with this at all, but still kept pondering maintaining service.

I rode out on a few other bus lines, namely the #4 and got decent service in city core, but just past 30th I got sketchy service all over the place.  Now I couldn't help but wonder, I'm downtown 90% of the time so would this really matter?  What about on the MAX?

At this juncture I figure if I really need to have remote connection I'll just go back and get my Sprint Connection re-connected.  Overall, if one just wants it for a few spots, that are generally stationary and downtown, then it is a good option.

Otherwise I'm giving them a call and cancelling the service.  Hey! I gave it a try, it just isn't quit up to snuff unfortunately.