Some Training

Day three of SQL Server 2008 for Administrators.  I dig training classes regardless of topic.  I just enjoy the vibe of a class with people intent on learning a product, service, ideal, or theory.  The motivated learner is by far superior than the unmotivated learner, which makes such training very useful.

Over the last couple days of SQL Server training I’ve managed to pick up a few bits of information that I didn’t know much about.  For simple context, I’ve been primarily involved in SQL Server from a developer’s point of view.  This has included building queries, using OR/M’s to simplify data access and abstractions, and from a high level software architectural point of view.  Some of the new bits however can are useful in these realms, but also just from the vantage point of better understanding.

The functionality that was very useful was the performance data collection and getting the associated management data warehouse (see previous entry for more on this) built to monitor the data.  This collection of information for disk usage, query statistics, and server activity is useful from a developer’s point of view, the administrators point of view, and helps in architectural design of systems such as high availability and creating horizontally scalable applications.

I also learned a bit about policies and the needed conditions and facets.  This is a particular bit of functionality that I won’t have much use for, but understanding policies for troubleshooting and other needs is pivotal for functional implement of Webtrends or just knowing when behaviors are seen within an environment.

Overall the training was helpful.  It’s always nice to step out of the day to day and just focus on something else too.  I’m refreshed and ready to move on to the next job now.