ASP.NET MVC Story Application

NOTE:  This is not forgoing my other project:  Cockatoo & HighBall.

The story starts like this.  I’ve been using some, what will go unnamed, Agile Project Management Software that I just wasn’t digging.  It was too restrictive and focused on the tool over the developers.  Several times the tool literally got in the way of development and forward progress.  Whenever this happens one should see a MASSIVE RED FLAG that the core manifesto concepts are broken.  When those are broken in such a brash and obvious way then the project is in threat of serious risks.  So I set out to fix this with simpler, more versatile, easy to use software that could replace the need for this tool.

I started out writing this software with the standard user story concept, to keep track of user stories.  That sounds kind of odd that I’m creating user stories to describe an app that will track user stories as a story.

:o  wowzerz!

So here we go.  Here are the initial user stories for minimally functional and working software.

  1. A user can write a story.
  2. A user can read the stories that have been written.
  3. A user can change a story.
  4. A user can throw away a story.

Those simple stories make sense to me.  With that I?ve started and ensuing entries will be forth coming.