Another Day o' Code… …Maybe

I'm writing this blog entry at various intersections during the day to try out keeping a real 'log' of the things I accomplish.  I've always had trouble keeping up with the past, and when it comes time for reviews and such I usually draw a blank of what has been done.  It appears this is the crux of an Agile mindset always being geared toward the future and the next stories coming off of the back log.  So we'll see how this goes.

9:20am After a morning coffee, reading e-mail, catching up on communications, and all that regular morning activity I'm diving into the first code bits of the day.  I had done a search earlier about ASP.NET MVC task list applications and pulled up a stackoverflow entry.  This caused me to log in and actually see if there was anything I could throw an answer down for.  So far, nothing in particular, so onward with the code bits.

9:28am Had to drop code to step up to bat for a deployment.  One of the cool things about Agile projects is that at any moment ' WHAM ' off to production the code goes.  We don't have all the bits in exactly the right place so we have to manually manipulate a few bits before it moves to production.  (bits being a metaphorical descriptor)

9:49am Back to code?

9:50am Needed some things from the MSDN subscription.  Well lo and behold it is HeldAwaitingReactivation which is a bummer.  I'll have to get with IT and get that renewed or maybe I can do it?  Then I clicked on what appears to be another MSDN subscription and it is active.  Why even default to an inactive subscription?  I'm not really following the logic (if it exists) there.  Hmpf, as I started to download stuff, I realized MS has broken Chrome compatibility or something because it isn't launching right.  I suppose I'll open IE.  πŸ™

MS please fix the fact that there is still active X stuff on your site(s).  K THX.

10:08am Finally got stuff I needed downloading after installing all the active X crap.  Now to try and get some focus on this code'  arrgh.

10:30am Stand up'

10:52am Stand up done, getting back to code in a few minutes.

11:08am Team took a break to watch a video & a bit o' camaraderie.  Hey, one can't code nonstop.  πŸ™‚  Got about 15 minutes of code review finally done.

11:28am Going for lunch!

12:26pm Returned from lunch, diving back into code and returning e-mails.

1:27pm Actually got to start working on code again.  Hopefully will be able to maintain this for a while without interruptions.

2:10pm Got to a point and realized I didn't have the latest 'manually copied' assemblies and had to move them back into the project.  Wasted 20+ minutes.  Beginning the process of getting the files and fixing the problem.

2:38pm Got the files, project building and executing again properly.  Finally got to adding the feature I've been trying to work on since this morning.

3:43pm Actually taking a short break after making good progress.  Almost done with adding attribute(not the kind you might think, proprietary in nature) support for some reporting.  Things are looking better after a morning of not getting anything done.

4:18pm Finally completed the feature addition, now submitting info for tracking the feature addition and then will pack for dinner time.  Will then code some more tonight, I hope.

5:02pm Out of office for the day.

Now that I've written this, I realize the day has been a slow one, which is by no means the average.  I'm hoping to be in the code and at task (or in the story) a much more significant part of the day tomorrow.

Maybe I'll be able to keep up with my daily summaries, or maybe not.  It was a little bit of effort beyond the normal to keep this one going.  Overall I did get the feature request added and managed to help out a number of individuals with their efforts throughout the day.  I'd say, even with it being a slow to get going day, it has been a good day.  However, even with the feature request, no code to post or nothing particularly new learned.  I'll have to make a point tonight to learn something new.