Ubuntu, VMWare, Environments

I finally got all my virtual image loads setup and my Ubuntu Install is running smoothly again.  I also got a Windows 2008 install running and hope to use it to try out some WAS, Velocity, and other WCF related features.

In addition to that I've got my work in progress up and running at http://mystuff.adronbhall.com if you want to check out my story list application.  This sub domain is literally the work in progress, so don't expect much of anything here.

So far that's been my weekend.  I've also had an onslaught of allergies kick me in the face.  This is never fun, even when I'm trying not to do anything constructive, and I was working on the exact opposite of that.  Argh!

Next step, Mono, getting Silverlight to run on Mono, and a few other tasks.  Then back to CockatooHighBall, and MyStoryList (which has no link, as I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this project yet).

I'm pondering doing an updated tools, trips, and tricks list of my current environment, but right now I'm still putting the finishing touches on it all.  So maybe that is a Monday entry.