Schedules, Tickets, and Analysis? HighBall Thoughts


I got to thinking about my HighBall Project and thought, wouldn?t it be awesome to use some of my know how to wire up some serious cubes and analyze the results from site usage all the way to scheduling analysis?  It?s an idea, but I?m not really sure how I would do it yet.  I do however have some ideas in regards to scheduling and how a nice cube could be used to analyze effective scheduling usage.  Sounds like something TriMet could even use ? if they don?t already do these types of analysis.  😉

Here?s my thought.

Take a schedule as the time dimension.  That?s simple enough.  Now take X number of routes as opposing dimensions and use ridership counts, peak load, etc as the fact table sums and such.  The data should align accordingly to the apex of routes and concentration of route needs by riders.  This type of data could be used to find out where ridership peaks and drops and how to fill gaps or even where to increase service.

?not really sure, got a ways to go before I try it, but it is an interesting thought for analysis.  Eventually I?ll give it a shot.