Attended PDXUX.NET tonight.  The idea behind the group is primarily UX topics, generally for developers, based primarily but not limited to .NET Technologies.  We broke out into teams tonight and will be working on 2 application paths.  I?m looking forward to it, got a coworker and a few other people I know working on the projects.

So stay tuned, and if you want to jump aboard and get in on the project message me.  We?ll be meeting as a team (all 4-5 of us) to get this project going, and I don?t see any reason why others couldn?t join the effort.

One thought on “PDXUX.NET

  1. One of the guys that is joining one of the dev groups is just learning, but he’s technically not even a developer. So if anyone wanted to join, or even start a similar group, they really ought to. It’s fun. 🙂

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