Source Control Habits (TFS vs. Subversion)

Recently I had a miniature technical epihphany about the habits of TFS Users versus Subversion Users.  TFS Users, if they experience few issues, almost always check in from the root and check in at that level very frequently.

Subversions Users tend to have varying patterns and have less issues regardless.  Subversion Users I've noticed also tend to put pieces of code in as much as they check in from the root.  This might be because of the other languages, IDEs, and such that can be used against Subversion.

I myself am a root check in & commit person myself.  I like to make sure that everything I've done gets put in.  I also try diligently to break the work down into small enough segments that I can check in frequently.  This way I often have very little problem with Subversion or TFS.

Even though, with TFS, I still wager more conflict with that system that I do Subversion.

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