Writing It All Up

One of the most important pieces of writing good software isn’t the software itself, but instead the documentation, samples, and evangelizing the software to the people who would use it.  I’m starting now to ramp up on a few of these notions for my work related efforts.  I’ll be posting some content here in relation to that and hope to finally get an official WebTrends related blog post up too.  I’ve been super busy with REST Services, WCF, Security, and other related technology pieces.  Soon I’ll be working toward preaching the gospel of these pieces of technology, because really, they’re great pieces once one gets them working and lines up the appropriate architectural pieces, APIs, SDKs, etc.

So now, the challenge, how to I get others exited in a way that will not distract me from the technology itself!  Now, off to make some pretty looking interfaces!  🙂