Webtrends Engage – Be There?

Webtrends Engage is coming up the first week of February in New Orleans.  Yes, back in my old stomping grounds.  I have two sessions, which will ROCK;  The RESTful Way ? How to Use Webtrends REST Services, and Making Analytics Work Across Your Enterprise.

The first session The RESTful Way ? How to Use Webtrends REST Services will cover the following topics.  (Click on the link to go sign up for the session)

  • How do I collect data from non-web based sources;  Flash, Silverlight, and Race Cars.
  • A short data collection example.
  • REST Architecture and why.  A brief overview of how and why we use REST Architecture based web services.
  • Webtrends? history of data communication components;  from flat files to ODBC to SOAP to REST.
  • Best uses for web services.  Scorecards, dashboards, data feeds, top 10 lists, and the list goes on.
  • How to implement:  Using C# to get at the web services.  How to put a URI together for access, using Webtrends? REST URL Generator, and deciding on the format to return that data in;  JSON, XML, or HTML.
  • Using the Webtrends .NET SDK for REST Web Services access.  Access simplified!
  • Now that I have data, what do I do with it?  A working sample of accessing, retrieving, and presenting data from the Webtrends Web Services.
  • New V2 Features ? Syndication feeds, RSS, and why it rocks.
  • Summary . . . questions and answers.

The second session will be a presentation with Heather Crince.  She's one of our awesome Solutions Engineers here at Webtrends, who I will pair present Making Analytics Work Across the Enterprise with.  (Click on the link to go sign up for the session)

The topics for this session revolve around business intelligence.  So far Heather and I are still working on putting this session together.