Moving Along…

I have been working for Centerstance almost a year and 4 months and made a lot of good friends.  It has been a great ride and I've learned a lot, and forgotten a lot (not really), had tons of great beers (Vodkas, Wines, tasting sessions etc.) with a bunch of great guys and gals!  I'll definitely miss many of them and I'm sure in the future I'll be dropping by for a visit every now and then.  Shux, Portland is a small town, I might get to work with any number of my fellow coworkers again, and would enjoy the experience!

  • Eric P. – Thanks for the comments, the continuous badgering to do better, and the insight and support in everything we worked on together.  Maybe we can work one of those elusive bank jobs one o' these days.  Those first iterations where crazy, hectic, and actually fun contrary to our delirious and sometimes delusional state after 14 hr days!  Thanks also for realizing that I'm working on my "task switching", and for helping me rock through some stuff even amid that.  You make a great lead, a truly great lead, and I wish you the best in those efforts.
  • Jim M. – Thanks for the drinks, thanks for the support, thanks for not killing me a few times.  Your leadership enabled me to implement that whole crazy business rules engine (NxBRE), and the sanity to start rewriting the effort when the rules engine was tossed from the design.  Who knew!?  Also – thanks for the grand sounds of the Harley during the summer months as I walked into the office.  I always like the sounds of a good set of two wheels rolling along the road.
  • Harv F. – Thanks for showing me the awesome barbecue places!  They rocked.  Also thank you for the calm leadership demeanor and many conversations we had about all sorts of business matters!  I hated to see you leave and hope you're taking care of business in whatever you're doing, I'm sure you are.
  • Billie O. – Thanks for being the courageous CTO that the project needs!  Your determination you display has been positive throughout my tenure on project, I've enjoyed working with your teams very much.
  • Ben – Thanks for keeping the lights on.  Thanks for making sure things stayed hooked up too!
  • Annais – Thanks for the friendly hellos in the mornings during the cold winter months of late 06' and early 07'.  Your smiling face was always nice to see.
  • Aendenne A. – Thanks for the conversations, hilarious irreverence, and completely non-PC conversations.  Enjoyed discussing cars, music, and the random political diatribe with you too.  Have fun down in Phoenix!
  • John – Thanks for the conversations, the slight off bit insanity spurts as we questioned the logic and complete idiocy of the tax code all the way through to the best way to arm soldiers to citizens to home defenders.  Dot five oh desert eagle baby!
  • Jay W. – Excellent photo tips, great work on that "custom domain (CDM)" you had to work on!  I actually dug through some of it… so I'm not just saying that. 
  • Shane T. – You are an architect, the weirdo astronaut type!  You got drive and determination like I have never seen!  Keep up the good work.   It's been great and I'm sure I'll see ya every few days for that proverbial after work beer!  Please don't kajukenbo my butt for rolling off!  argh!
  • Dan S. – You be architect too, TT lovin' architect.  Awesome work, good humor, and also an amazing work ethic (maybe slightly crazy?)  Dan – you need to drag yourself out after work too, I got a lot of conversations I never had with ya that I wanted to!  Awesome work fortress in the mountains… btw – when are we doing a startup project so we can get richer and richer?  
  • Pete S. – Thanks for the peace accords.  You're good at that style of operation.  
  • Kirk M. – Semper Fi Marine!  Good work, great demeanor, respectful, and honorable.  You are a rather rare developer.  Have a good day, week, year, life, etc, I'll be happy to run into you sometime again and hash through some code!  Maybe even some more WCF one day?  Yeah!
  • C*** *. (top secret first name letters and last initial) – Thanks for the DB Schema discussions, the transit conversations, the home made, custom, turbo, awesome, kick ass, alcohol!  I'm waiting on the Vodka release!  I'm sure I'll be running into you around these Portland parts in the future.
  • Greg L. – Thanks for being a great leader, tactically and strategically I felt confident in your leadership of Centerstance.  It is nice to go to work each day and have that feeling.
  • Lisa S. – Thanks for that process & firm kick in the butt when things where a bit rough.  I definitely appreciated the efforts in clearing the path for development.
  • B. Cassis – Thanks for those supercharger fast DB changes!  You rock!  btw – thanks for allowing me to confuse you, and then beating me into logical-ness when I stumbled!
  • Jagdish – Jag, thanks for those random coffee trips and the stories of India!  Relating with you about those and about my own area I grew up in where very interesting.  Noting similarities on opposite ends of the planet is intriguing!  Oh yeah, and thanks for those ripping fast database requests!
  • James G. – Thanks for the comments, camaraderie, and random troubleshooting help.  If you ever have questions – I'll probably answer em', maybe.  
  • James S. – Where did ya go?  Awesome hanging with ya man!  Anytime I'm rolling through the Tac I'll give u a ring.  How goes the current job hunting and/or work?
  • David K. – I hope you enjoyed A Confederacy of Dunces.  Good book, true to the city.  Enjoyed working with you the short times we where teamed on some things.
  • Bob W. – Are you a citizen yet?  When are you coming to Portland to have a brew?  How goes the work?  It was excellent working with you, good ranting with you, and most excellent having a non-American accent besides by southern babbling.
  • Anish G. – Keep up the good work, you have some good skills!  Enjoyed working with ya, you are definitely a top notch developer!
  • Sameer – Didn't get to work with you much, but had fun when I did!  Maybe we'll stumble into each other on some more work efforts!?
  • Raghu S. – Keep that build under control!  Good job, good humor, enjoyed working and grabbing that rare lunch with you.
  • Abhihjeet T. – Yo Abhi!  Excellent working with ya.  You're gonna be one o' those elite guys I can tell, Peterson and I believe so – but you didn't hear that from me.  Hopefully I'll run into you around Portland sometime.  Gimme a ring when you're in town!
  • Steve W. – Thanks for the awesome, often times educational, and entertaining conversations.  We'll definitely have to chat & have dinner on one of my frequent future trips to Seattle.
  • Trentin – Thanks for the e-mail info, random support, helping kick the VMs, and numerous hardware conversations.  Enjoy that sys admin job!  Take it easy.
  • Reid R. – Thanks for the conversations, metal music, and guitar disccussions.  Keep up the work on the game servers, blogs, and other zillion things u are working on!
  • Jeff L. – Prozac.  You'll get there, just one step at a time.    Have a good trip and keep up the patterns study, but make sure to get the Martin Fowler book, it's way better than the one with the hot girl on it you have.  

For anyone I forgot, my apologies, my fingers started cramping up.  Best
of fortunes to all, and I'll see everyone around I'm sure.

…and if I don't have your contact info (or you want your name and my 2 cents added to the list), shoot me an e-mail! 

6 thoughts on “Moving Along…

  1. Dude.  You are a unique and awesome person.  I have really enjoyed working with you.  I am on Linked IN if you want to connect.  When you’re around, be sure to email me, if a group is getting coffee with you I would love to tag along!  πŸ˜€

    Ciao for now, be true to you, and remember – Only You can Prevent Forest Fires.  πŸ˜€

  2. Hey bro – I am sure that the project will miss ya!  I will definitely keep in touch and will leave my most recent info on my linkin page.

    Best o’luck to ya ladie where ever your travels take you.  For me, I am at an awesome Architecture company outta Bellevue however my office is a block away from Pikes Place Market.

    Hit me up when your in town and we’ll grab a beer or four… k!

    Take care,

    J-dizzle my nizzle

  3. Thanks for the kind word, Adron.  Good luck with your future endeavors.  Keep learning!

  4. Hey Dude, sorry I missed drinks.  Good luck at the new place!  Make sure and keep us updated about the new gig.

  5. Congrats man. Portland to Portland should be an awesome commute….hmmm…kind of like Olympia to Olympia is for me. πŸ™‚


  6. Tom :: I will definitely be enjoying my < 1 mile commute.  πŸ™‚

    Eric P :: No problemo on the drinks, I’ll be through town again sometime, we’ll have a grab a few.

    Kirk :: Hey Kirk, always glad to write em’.  I’ll definitely keep learning (I can’t seem to stop, but I wouldn’t dare complain)!

    J. Shaw – Thanks, I will definitely be in touch – I’ll make sure I got ya on linkedin too.  I’ve seriously gotta come check out your company in Bellevue sometime – plus I gotta check out those dual 80 story buildings!

    Trentin – Thanks man.  Keep up the good work, and never stop having fun!

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