Powell's Recycles :: Books

I decided on my first official day 100% back in Portland I was going to finally get my “office” setup over in the south east side of town.  In doing so Joleen and I spent about 4 hours getting things cleared up and trash tossed, and I started stacking all my books I no longer needed or wanted.  At the end of the night I had approximately 40 extra books, that I had no use for.  Instead of tossing them in the trash with the other trash, I decided I’d let Powell’s decide if they could sell them or they could just recycle the books.

I went in today, made an amazing $6.00 credit toward my purchase of some magazines and another book.  I was stoked that Powell’s will do this.  In addition I didn’t have to throw away or worry about where to “take to recycle”, they just handled all the rest.

Powell’s ROCKS!  Love this place.  Now off to run some errands and dig into my recently purchased magazines and Ryan influenced purchase of O’Reilly‘s Collective Intelligence.