The Project I've Been Planning

So I’ve been planning to start a project on the side, just for fun, that I could really showcase some of my interests and skills all at the same time.  In other words, from a high level, all the way down to the nitty gritty example, build a fully functional application.  I got to thinking, what really truly interests me enough to stay focused on to develop an application for that I could use to present enterprise application demos with?

Well, I’ve kind of shut my “Transit Slueth” blog down for the time being, maybe permanently so what better topic to use. With that in mind I will be posting some brainstorming diagrams and other ideas on what I intend to develop.  It will be related to transit in some way, but I’m not 100% sure yet.  Feel free to pop ideas in the comments section.  Until then I’m off to brainstorming a problem to create a solution for!  (It’s kind of funny, I usually don’t create the problems, I just create the solutions!)