Goals for 2011 (AKA, New Years Resolutions)

In 2010 I made a few goals.

  1. Do more than one speaking engagement and attend a couple conferences.
  2. Look for new opportunities to get back into a truly strong development team as a team member, leader, or director of the
  3. Get involved in user groups and expand my presence in the software industry.
  4. Figure out which way I want to push forward into the year related to occupation, interests, and other facets.

Those were my goals.  I’ve accomplished every one in excess.  So what should I line up for this year?  The grand year of 2011?  Well this is what I’m thinking so far.  As before, I’ll just see how far I can get…

  1. Somehow, in some way, get the tech more closely intertwined with my music.  In other words, I need to get some things recorded ASAP this year.  I’ve spent the better part of a decade completely avoiding this for absolutely ZERO good reasons.
  2. Work to get more conferences, more meetups, and organizations going in the Seattle area that actually have good presence in the social media & community space.
  3. Learn Ruby on Rails to the degree that I could be a fully productive team member, lead, director, or CTO of a company using Ruby on Rails Technology.
  4. Continue to provide whatever type of teaching, mentoring, leadership, or other involvement in the cloud computing space.
  5. Finish my book I’m writing on the Windows Azure Platform.

That’s what I’ve got so far.  I might have to add some to that list.  But for now, that looks solid enough.  🙂   Cheers, and happy new year!