OS-X, Top 2 Gripes

I’ve been developing in my spare time on Mac OS-X using Rubymine, Webstorm, TextMate, XCode, and several other apps. I’ve also been using Kindle (the native app and the HTML5 Version), Tweetdeck, and a host of other applications. A bulk of things I’ve also been using, however they’re almost entirely in Chrome/HTML5 or some web application state. Speaking of applications, OS-X has zero shortage compared to any other operating system.


I will admit with honesty, the the interface is very lacking compared to using Ubuntu or Window 7 these days. OS-X is lacking several functionalities that it desperately needs. I’m not writing this blog entry to complain about these either, just pointing out they’re missing, and hopefully someone may know of an app or add-on that will provide this functionality.

  1. Application Placement:  Windows & Ubuntu have a “snap to” type functionality that pops an application window onto a side of the screen when it is dragged. With the arrow keys or in other ways, that window can then be moved from left to right, or if on dual monitors from one screen or the other by 50% increments. This functionality is ridiculously useful when working with multiple applications, and anybody that really uses a computer ends up in this scenario.
  2. Rename, New Folder, and other short cut keys in the “Finder” are pretty crappy compared to Windows & Ubuntu. I’d even give windows top marks in this category. Of course, once one actually does a move, delete or copy they realize what crap Windows is at actual file manipulation. But the Windows Explorer makes it a breeze manipulating files – even if it is 2-5x slower than Ubuntu or OS-X – I’d still however like a nice trade off of file manipulation, viewing what a file is or is not from the finder, and other functionalities that generally don’t seem to exist.

That’s it for now. These are the top 2 items that provide an annoyance when using OS-X vs. Windows or Ubuntu. Any suggestions, ideas, thoughts, or otherwise that may set me straight about this?