Ways to Interact Asynchronously with C#

NOTE: All of this code is available at my Github Project “Remembering” (https://github.com/Adron/Remembering). Feel free to fork it, share it, … More

Going Hard Core: Vmware’s Cloud Foundry Forks Uhuru & Iron Foundry Review

Back in December Uhuru Software and Tier 3 released two different forks of Cloud Foundry that enabled .NET Support. I wasn’t sure which I wanted to use, since I had some serious Cloud Foundry work I was about to dive into, so I’ve picked them apart to determine how each works. This is what I’ve found so far. Uhuru

Source Code
Public Site: http://www.uhurusoftware.com/
Community / Support Site
Community LinkedIn Site (Mostly “biz” oriented)
What Uhuru Software is…
Micro Cloud VM/Installers (requires registration)
Iron Foundry

Source Code
Public Site: http://www.ironfoundry.org/
Community / Support Site
Iron Foundry Blog
VM Download (For Micro Cloud Foundry)
That covers the basic links to the downloads, community, and other points of presence, now it is time to dig into some of the differences I’ve found. First though, I got a good environment setup to test each of the forks, from within the same Cloud Foundry Environment! So this is how I’ve set this up…