Hi, I’m Adron & This is My Gear Setup

I sat down and made a short video of my systems setup and related gear. I’ve always enjoyed seeing other peoples’ setups so figured I’d join the mix and show you all what I work with. Happy to answer any questions too, cheers!

In addition to the video intro I’ve created some additional repositories and related things that I use frequently that may be useful.

Ubuntu Dev Setup Repository: This repo dev-setup-ubuntu has some installation scripts and related collateral that I use to get virtual machines built in an automated way. The focus of this is for setting up development boxes and not for setting up servers.

Video Stream Hacking AKA Twitch & Youtube Live Streaming: This repo is setup with notes and eventually I’ll likely add scripts and related collateral that I use during filming Twitch/Youtube Streams.

Full Gear List: If you’re interested in what makes this possible, at a more detailed level, this is the list to check out.

Thrashing Code Sessions via Twitch & Kick Ass Dis-Sys Meetup

Got some excellent coding and systems setup coming up in the next few days. Also a meetup on the 28th with Tim Kellogg and Alena Hall presenting on some interesting topics around distributed database data working on Kubernetes and WebAssembly of the hot temperament type. A new surprise guest addition on my Twitch channel that is scheduled to swing into Valhalla and help build out a cluster and respective needed DHCP, DNS, and related configuration for a setup on the metal!