A SQL Server .NET ASP.NET MVC RESTful Web Services Facade – Part I

Did I get enough of the acronyms and key words in the header? It looks like soup! :O

This is a somewhat messy project to build a prototype layer around SQL Server. The reason for this, shockingly, is to allow for a SQL Server to be used by frameworks and systems that normally don’t or can’t access the database directly. In my particular scenario we’re working on getting Ruby on Rails running with JRuby in a Windows Environment. Because we will need to utilize a lot of SQL Server Databases, it seemed like a great idea to build out a layer over the SQL Server (or Servers) so that a Ruby on Rails Web App, ASP.NET MVC, or even a PHP or pure Javascript Application could access the data in the database. What better way to do that then to create a RESTful Web Services Facade over the database.

Some of you might be thinking “Why not use RIA Services?!?!?! Are you mad!!” Well, there is a big problem, RIA Services doesn’t work against SQL 2000 or SQL 2005, which is the database technology that this particular requirement dictated. Well, now that you have context, I’ll dig straight in to what I did building this prototype out.

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