Windows Azure (w/ AWS) Presentation Coming Up

I have a presentation coming up next week on the 10th.  If you’re interested in cloud computing, specifically around storage then you should tune in.  I’ll be covering the basics and some of the architectural ideas, uses, and more around Windows Azure Storage, and the comparable Amazon Web Services storage services.  I’ll also be noting a few of my ongoing projects that you might, if you’re into cloud bits, get a kick out of or want to join.

To tune in to the presentation swing over to the link.  There is registration information on the page.  The presentation will technically start at 1 PM PST on the 10th of next week and run until about 1:45pm.  We’ll make the meeting live about 12:45 for early arrival and after about 1:45 there will be a question and answer session.  I hope to have a good bit of conversation afterwards discussing the uses, architectures, and patterns around storage use with cloud services.

I hope you’ll join me.  -Adron