A Little Monday Help for Monday the 1st of July, 2019!

Ever wake up on Monday and just feel like you aren’t gonna be able to handle anything? Well here, open your mind and prepare to get woken up with an unstoppable energy that’ll drive you through the day and breath life into those lungs of yours! For starters: Parasite Inc.

Then, make sure to give a listen to some Words of Wisdom.

To calmly then move on with the rest of the day now that you’re awake. At The Gates has The Mirror Black to pace yourself!

Enjoy the Monday another day to happily code, and may you thrash the code to your demands!

Monday Metal Sliding in From The Side

This Monday included some metal of various sorts, from metal tubes flying through the air to some riffy madness to boot. I’ve need an extra dose today! This first band is Parasite Inc. for a little German melodic death metal to end your Monday.

Next up, check out Orden Ogan for a wild mix on a dystopian future!

Last up get your German ready because this is a twister in the court!

In other news I’m going to be laying down tracks for some of my own music in the coming days. Just popped the $$ for Superior Drummer 3 and am ramping up on that in the evenings. Join me on Twitch (@adronhall) to learn with me as I work through it all. Cheers, and happy thrashing code!