A Little Monday Help for Monday the 1st of July, 2019!

Ever wake up on Monday and just feel like you aren’t gonna be able to handle anything? Well here, open your mind and prepare to get woken up with an unstoppable energy that’ll drive you through the day and breath life into those lungs of yours! For starters: Parasite Inc.

Then, make sure to give a listen to some Words of Wisdom.

To calmly then move on with the rest of the day now that you’re awake. At The Gates has The Mirror Black to pace yourself!

Enjoy the Monday another day to happily code, and may you thrash the code to your demands!

Thrashing Metal Monday for Week of March 18th, Mixing a Dreamy Day At the Gates Among Carcasses! \m/

In an effort to throw you some wild curve balls, here’s some wild options for Monday. Again a brash way to awaken and take on the world!

First, this is a real curve ball, not exactly my cup of tea I’m looking for, but I’ve thrown some lemon into the cup and it’s actually a pretty sweet flavor of tunes. This band Dream State I’ve known about for some time and they keep sneaking back into my playlist. This is one of their newer tunes In This Hell.

This next band is one of the forerunners of, I’d say, melodic death metal. Discover At The Gates.

This next carcass, they’ve been in the mix for a long while now for me. Ever since rolling upon the flanged wheel into New York City and my buddy Mike picking up one of their albums, their first album Heartwork to be specific, at random. We then spent the next 20 hours on the train riding back to NOLA listening to Carcass and our other finds from New York City.