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Open Source Software (OSS), Why Some Fail At It OSS has won the war. It has been over for years … More

Adam & Krishan Got Me Motivated Today… to toss the trash conversations

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OSCON: Talking Shop With HP, Heroku, ForgeRock, Open Source For America, and More!

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OS Bridge, What is it?

I’m headed down to Portland, Oregon today for OS Bridge. OS Bridge is a conference for the open source community, by the community. The conference is one of the premier events to learn how open source really works, learn from others, and meet people that are also learning about and involved in the open source community.

The OS Bridge Conference, like almost all of the conferences that I attend these days, is all volunteers. There are no major sponsors shoving some message or product down your throat. There is no overhanging air of elitism (even though I’ll admit, for newcomers it is sometimes intimidating, but don’t worry we don’t bite ;)). It is simply about the community and about the software that individuals of the open source community work together to create.

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