DevXcon San Francisco

I just finished attending DevXcon in San Francisco at the beginning of the week before last. It’s the way the DataStax crew welcomed me into the family. It was a solidly awesome time, a great way to get started, and I’ve rated it “would do again!” Tamao (@mewzherder), Matthew (@matthewrevell), and fellow organizers did a great job putting things together!

The DevXcon is kidn of a sibling or parallel of sorts to the DevRelCon presented by Github. These events are organized by Hoopy, a consultancy of Matthew’s that specializes in helping companies around developer relations and marketing. Both of these conferences focus around this, the developer relations of software companies and how to improve that relationship companies have with their prospective developers. Continue reading “DevXcon San Francisco”

An Ubuntu Riak #devrel

Setting up Riak to test out, prototype against, develop and use in a general way is extremely easy. Just setup a devrel on your local development machine. This is however limited to certain *nix based operating systems, so Windows as a dev platform is out – but not completely. Get a virtual machine running on Ubuntu, RHEL or some other Linux instance and you’re ready to go. What I’ve put together here is an example of getting a devrel up and running with an Ubuntu Virtual Machine.

Step 1: Get the basic reqs installed.

Step 2: With each of the nodes, now join and build the Riak cluster.

  • Start each node.[sourcecode language=”bash”]
    dev1/bin/riak start
    dev2/bin/riak start
    dev3/bin/riak start
    dev4/bin/riak start[/sourcecode]
  • Check to determine that the riak services are running.[sourcecode language=”bash”]
    ps aux | grep beam[/sourcecode]
  • Add each node to a single node.[sourcecode language=”bash”]
    dev2/bin/riak-admin cluster join dev1@
    dev3/bin/riak-admin cluster join dev1@
    dev4/bin/riak-admin cluster join dev1@[/sourcecode]
  • Set and get the cluster plan.[sourcecode language=”bash”]
    dev2/bin/riak-admin cluster plan[/sourcecode]

    NOTE: This plan can be run from any of the instances.

  • Last, commit the cluster plan.[sourcecode language=”bash”]
    dev2/bin/riak-admin cluster commit[/sourcecode]

    NOTE: The commit can also be run from any of the instances.