In light of the upcoming Cascadia.js Conf I was digging around last night through some of the other JavaScript Conference videos and found the JSConf EU’s listings on Youtube. Here’s a few picks from the ones I watched. I’d highly advise checking these out, there’s a lot of great content there. With that quick introduction, here’s Max, Irene and James. Cheers!

Max Ogden @MaxOgden provides reasons how to help Government work better through various means…  absolutely great talk. Check it out.

Irene Ros @ireneros combining practices we’ve had for years into a better way to get data.

James Halliday (@substack and github) UNIX Philosophy and…  just watch this, James is kick ass and contributes a ton to the #nodejs community.

Portlanders Going to Cascadia.js? Ride the “Geek Train to Cascadia”

We’ll be boarding Amtrak Cascades #508 to Seattle departing Portland at 6:15pm from Union Station. If you’re interested in doing a bulk ticket purchase let me know ASAP and I’ll work with you to organize that. Otherwise if you just want to pick up a ticket and meet us on the train let us know that too.


Make sure to let me know if you want to join the riders & we’ll join up to be boarded together in the same car, this way we can get tables, seats and code together or at least have a good convo, a beer or three (or wine or juice or whatever you’d prefer) while sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the ride to Seattle.

So RSVP me here & we’ll get this moose LIT UP!