Chat GPT-4 SQL Refactoring for PostgreSQL

Just recently I wrote up a post about a multi-tenant database for music collectors. That SQL was the first draft I put together to cover some of the basic data points and relations the database would need to have to provide the multi-tenant capabilities. However, there are a number of refactorings that I’d like done before I get started developing against this particular database. For this, I could just go through the refactorings with something like DataGrip or one of the other IDEs or other tools that I’ve used. But instead, for this exercise I decided why not give Chat GPT-4 algo a shot?

This is my experience refactoring SQL with Chat GPT-4.

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Building a Multi-Tenant Music Collector’s Database

Ok, I’ve gotten deep into collecting music again, after just doing the *streaming* thing for a decade plus. In this deep dive back into music and playing, composing, collecting, reactions, reviews, live shows, and related worlds coming together I’ve found it might be interesting to put together a multi-tenant database to start collecting all my effort’s collateral data together. This, is the beginning of that journey.

I’ve got some tunes cranked as I’m all set to dive deep into this, let’s get it done!

Music has always been a significant part of my life. From the melodies that accompany my daily routines to the anthems of my most memorable moments, it’s been a constant. As my collection grew, I realized I needed a better way to organize it. That’s when I stumbled upon the concept of multi-tenancy databases and decided to give it a shot with PostgreSQL. Here’s my experience.

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