It’s Monday, So Here’s Your Metal Dose

A quick list, devoid of details, cuz I’m already into the thick of it today. A mix of new, a mix of old, some Japanese lyrics, and a few English ones.

If you’re up for some listening sessions and getting introduced to even more metal and various musical variety, check out these two past listening sessions on my Thrashing Code Channel!

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Thrashing Code Metal Monday for Week of April 22nd

This week’s selection, is a a selection, that I’ll leave here to speak for itself.



Monday Metal Sliding in From The Side

This Monday included some metal of various sorts, from metal tubes flying through the air to some riffy madness to boot. I’ve need an extra dose today! This first band is Parasite Inc. for a little German melodic death metal to end your Monday.

Next up, check out Orden Ogan for a wild mix on a dystopian future!

Last up get your German ready because this is a twister in the court!

In other news I’m going to be laying down tracks for some of my own music in the coming days. Just popped the $$ for Superior Drummer 3 and am ramping up on that in the evenings. Join me on Twitch (@adronhall) to learn with me as I work through it all. Cheers, and happy thrashing code!

Metal Monday for Week of April 8th

Good morning, here’s your new dosage of Monday morning thrash! This band, Nervosa runs the thrashing genre into new lines of perfection. Maybe, “porra incrível surra de metal” says it better, but then of course maybe it doesn’t since I’m only but so good with linguistics.


This first song, a routine feeling I get, is a need to kill the silence. Who knows what it is, but I’d prefer the chaos of the city, or the prey of timid realms of the forest, than the tranquility of pure silent nothingness.


Next band up to light the morning off. So a pirate, a chemical warfare toxic ninja, a dirty metal head, a mechanic, and a demonic princess walk onto stage.


No, it isn’t the start of a joke. Follow the Cipher brings a different mix of things together for a rather entertaining oddity of a show.

Last of the trio, one of the most brutal bands I’ve heard as of late. Truly bringing the dark orb to show is Spoil Engine.


The song Disconnect really draws me in regarding today’s political matricide of Terra, and the horrifyingly disgusting myopia of continued negligence, obliviousness, and disregard for the very place we have origin and exist today. Not that the song is specifically about Terra, but about the media control and our allowance as a people of its control over our collective ongoing conversation.

Enjoy that thrashing code!

Metal Monday Taking a World Tour

First band from India. Endurant.

Orphaned Land featuring Hansi Kürsch.

Alien Weaponry from New Zealand. Whisper.

Each of these songs, I suggest giving a read to some of those comments, checking out the bands further. They’re not the usual mess on Youtube. These bands are triumphing against so many odds and standing up for people in so many ways, inspiring the best in us. It’s metal to the core.