Thrashing Metal Monday for Week of the 13th of May.

A new band I just learned about this last week is Bloody Hammers. Listen to those vocals, traditional dark prodding rhythms and melody. It’s eerie in the best of ways and provides that melancholy horror movie feel so well! Beautiful!

You can check out their website which has good details and information, but their material is of course out there on Bandcamp too so check that out and pick up some tunes!

Not new for regular readers of Composite Code or viewers of Thrashing Code listening sessions, but I felt another Spoil Engine tune showing some of their range would be a good kick to Monday. May it light your mind up for the week!

To wrap up the trigonous edges of metal for today, part one of the new Amon Amarth saga!

Metal Monday for Week of April 8th

Good morning, here’s your new dosage of Monday morning thrash! This band, Nervosa runs the thrashing genre into new lines of perfection. Maybe, “porra incr√≠vel surra de metal” says it better, but then of course maybe it doesn’t since I’m only but so good with linguistics.


This first song, a routine feeling I get, is a need to kill the silence. Who knows what it is, but I’d prefer the chaos of the city, or the prey of timid realms of the forest, than the tranquility of pure silent nothingness.


Next band up to light the morning off. So a pirate, a chemical warfare toxic ninja, a dirty metal head, a mechanic, and a demonic princess walk onto stage.


No, it isn’t the start of a joke. Follow the Cipher brings a different mix of things together for a rather entertaining oddity of a show.

Last of the trio, one of the most brutal bands I’ve heard as of late. Truly bringing the dark orb to show is Spoil Engine.


The song Disconnect really draws me in regarding today’s political matricide of Terra, and the horrifyingly disgusting myopia of continued negligence, obliviousness, and disregard for the very place we have origin and exist today. Not that the song is specifically about Terra, but about the media control and our allowance as a people of its control over our collective ongoing conversation.

Enjoy that thrashing code!