Vue.js Studies Day 1

I’m putting this core curriculum structure together to accomplish two things.

  1. Learn Vue.js for my own use.
  2. Teach others Vue.js.

The following is my general outline of what I think should be covered for knowledge of Vue.js. I’d love any input, additions, subtractions (i.e. is something not specifically Vue.js related?)

The Vue.js App.

  1. Creating a Vue App.
  2. Features of Vue.js.
  • Declarative Rendering
  • Reactivity Fundamentals
  • Attribute Binding
  • Conditional Rendering
  • List Rendering
  • Event Handling
  • Class & Style Binding
  • Computed Properties
  • Components & Props
    • Registration
    • Props
    • Events
    • Fallthrough Attributes
    • Slots
    • Provide/inject
    • Async Components
  • Communicating Events
  • Form Input
  • Lifecycle Hooks


  • Single File Components
  • Vuex
    • Global State
    • Updating State
    • Fetching State
    • Error Handling
  • Vue Router Essentials
    • URL Parameters
    • Pagination
    • Nested Routes
    • Redirect & Alias
    • Programmatic Navigation
    • Error Handling & 404s
    • Flash Messages
    • In-Comopnent Route Guards
    • Global and Per-Route Guards
  • Axios API Calls
  • Dynanic Routing
  • Deploying
  • Scaling

Unit Testing Vue 3

  • Writing tests with Jest
  • Testing Props & User Interaction
  • Testing Emitted Events
  • Testing API Calls
  • Stubbing Child Components


  • CSS & Debugging
  • Working with Assets
  • Getting Vite Going

There will be a number of changes to this but the ideas & topical coverage are all there. The ordering will also, very likely, have. a number of changes. For example I’m already thinking that Vite should be up at the beginning of coverage just like the list of ways to get up and running. As I create additional posts on these topics, I’ll link the topics in this post to the topics on the other pages.

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