Join Me for a Live Stream Conversation on Programming, Infrastructure, Data, Databases, or Your Opinions!

It’s happening! It’s really happening y’all! People have opinions and things to say!


I’m starting a new segment for my Twitch channel – and by proxy this new future prospective podcasting that will go along with it as lagniappe – and am looking for those that have something they’d like to converse about!

If you’re in the Seattle area visiting, living, or otherwise and would like to join me on a live stream sometime this is your invite! If you’ve just gotten into programming, started handling infrastructure, dealing with that big data in those database, let’s talk. I want to hear about your interest in what you do, what use cases you have, what the mission is, and how you aim to accomplish innovative ways to solve the problems you and/or your organization are working to solve.

As I was saying programming, infrastructure, database, are all open topics for the live stream. There are a few caveats and topics that I do have an extra interest in. Come join me and tell me, and by proxy have a conversation with the audience about database tech, databases, how your company is using databases and managing all of its data, and of course especially if that database happens to be Apache Cassandra, DataStax Enterprise, or even some other large scale distributed database or multi-model database system. I want to hear from you and what you’re building, so let’s get together and have a conversation and have our audience pull up a chair to the table for questions, comments, and more!

Just pick a time, and we’ll be set on the calendar. I’d love to chat!