Siyu Yang Presenting “Deep Learning for Computer Vision with Applications for Wildlife Conservation”

siyu-yangIntroducing Siyu Yang > @yangsiyu_ < presenting “Deep Learning for Computer Vision with Applications for Wildlife Conservation”.

Siyu is a data scientist at the AI for Earth program at Microsoft focusing on developing machine learning enabled solutions to aid environmental conservation efforts at university labs, startups, non-profits, and government agencies. Before joining this team, she worked on data powered code completion tools at Visual Studio.

At the AI for Earth program at Microsoft, we find new ways to use machine learning to solve global environmental challenges. This talk is an overview of several problems in wildlife conservation where computer vision is poised to make a significant impact. We will survey three different problems in this space: species classification from handheld photos, automated camera trap image processing, and animal detection from aerial imagery. For each area, we will discuss (1) why this problem is challenging from a computer vision perspective, (2) why solving this problem can support conservation, and (3) the data sets we’re working with and the models we’ve built to address this problem. The talk will also include a demo of the AI for Earth Species Classification API and the Camera Trap Animal Detection API.

What will attendees learn:

  1. Find out what Microsoft’s AI for Earth program is all about
  2. Understand how data, particularly visual data, is used by wildlife biologists for conservation.
  3. Experience through live demos how computer vision techniques can bring value to people working with such data, and understand our plan to deploy these technologies.

Come check out Siyu Yang’s talk at ML4ALL happening April 28th-30th in amazing Portland, Oregon! Get your tickets to attend here. For the schedule, our excellent sponsors docs for the conference, check out the ML4ALL Conference Site!