Damon Danieli Presenting “Time-Series Behavioral Analysis for Churn Prediction”

UPDATED: Video Added from the Conference!

Introducing Damon Danieli > @damondanieli < presenting “Time-Series Behavioral Analysis for Churn Prediction“.

damon-danieliVice President of Engineering for Platform Architecture at DocuSign. I am responsible for the internal advanced analytics data platform as well as applied machine learning for both internal efficiency for sales, marketing and customer success and external intelligent features. Big things are coming!


Founder and CTO of Appuri [Acquired by DocuSign in December 2017]. Appuri is a Customer Data Platform that enables Software as a Service (SaaS) businesses to maximize their retention, engagement and revenue. Appuri captures and connects behavioral data from your website and mobile applications and combines it with other sources such as transactional data and 3rd party demographic augmentation.

This talk covers the data engineering, feature extraction, and the processing for predicting future user behavior. By the end of the presentation, you should have a direction to explore if you are building your own system as well as some concrete patterns that we found worked for us.

We will use real-world examples for B2B SaaS churn prediction, but this talk is equally applicable to predicting any type of outcome that is correlated with user behavior such as conversion to a paying customer, upsell to additional products, etc.

We will present lessons learned from several iterations of productizing a system that can take product usage user telemetry events (from Mixpanel, Amplitude, Heap, homegrown, etc) and combine that with business objects (Salesforce) and the application database. We will include some mistakes we’ve made along the way.

Come check out Damon Danieli’s talk at ML4ALL happening April 28th-30th in amazing Portland, Oregon! Get your tickets to attend here. For the schedule, our excellent sponsors docs for the conference, check out the ML4ALL Conference Site!