Eliminating Machine Bias

I introduced Mary Ann Brennan last year for ML4ALL and I really enjoyed the talk Mary gave and wanted to share it again with everyone.

The more I learn myself about machine bias, which really is just manifestation of people’s cognitive biases showing through in models because we’ve poorly identified we have a problem, the more frustrated I get with humanity’s inability to fix this problem. But to the rescue come those people who aim to find, identify, and fix these problems and eliminate the inherent cognitive biases by eliminating machine bias! Enter, Mary Ann Brennan and this talk she gave last year at ML4ALL. This year’s event is coming up, if you want to get deeper into, pr present on machine learning, learn ways to improve your use of, and eliminate biases like this then ML4ALL is going to be a great conference for you. Check it out, we have an open CFP, tickets are available (early bird still!)