Oh the coding stories…

I’ve finally started writing steadily again, after stumbling through more than a few stages of writer’s block. The most recent escapades started with “Quick Start Connections with Terraform and Kubernetes” and “State for Terraform with Google Cloud Storage (GCS)”. But really, there are several types of articles I really need to kick into gear again.

  1. One type of writing is that where I pick apart what’s going on in the industry. This is something I ought to be doing for a number of strategic reasons. Many people should honestly, but it doesn’t happen. We’re often just limited to very specific analysts that may or may not have a solid grasp on what is going on. Since I’m often in the innards of industry projects and efforts, I have some fair insight to apply that isn’t at hands length, it’s from the bloody front lines.
  2. The second type of article is some type of disciplined approach to teach and to learn skills forgotten, skills needed, and hash through things that work into bigger projects.
  3. The third, which is fun and also usually useful are the use case, patterns, and practices articles. I like these, they’re often fun and sometimes even a little controversial.

These all wrap into a steady flow of thoughts, ideas, learning, teaching, and related things. So this is that restart. Against all suggestions to write this type of article, here I’ve done it anyway as a stake in the ground of where I’m officially starting these writing efforts today, Friday the 29th at 8:21pm while at Farley’s Easy in Oakland, California writing while waiting for the arrival of the Coast Starlight. So here’s to writing rhythms and exploring this medium as a medium in which to publish among the mediums! Cheers!