Junction Two Weeks Bi-weekly Review : Issue #005

First the bad news, then the good news! That’s the appropriate way to present it right?

Schedule Break on Junction (The bad news)

I’m taking a break on Junction for a few weeks to get some other projects off the ground. In a few weeks the plan is to swing back around to Junction and make some changes to the project, which might be pretty big changes, but I’ll leave those as a surprise for now. So right now there isn’t a whole lot of functional code base that is working, partly because Windows 8 and all has left me a little devoid of urgency. If somebody out there really wants to see Windows 8 have a Riak user interface and management tool let me know, maybe we can work out some new urgency on the project! 😉

JavaScript, Go, Training and Orchestrations (The good news)

Over the next few months I’m working on putting together a lot of content for several great companies. One you might have guessed if you’ve read the last few blog entries, “PIE’s Third Class, You Better Keep an Eye on These Companies…” and “Orchestrate.io, Stop Dealing With the Database Infrastructure!” specifically, is some content around what Orchestrate.io is doing. That’ll be coming up real soon, but more about that later.

I’ve just wrapped up my first Pluralsight course that will be available on Riak. I’ll be diving back into working on a course around Docker & Vagrant in the coming days. I’ll be posting some of the work as I go along, of course not the whole thing, but an idea of what the material will be.

There’s also a few more, undisclosed so far, companies I’ll be putting together some content for. Prospectively some content teams even, so if you’re interested in contributing (or working on as a paid consultant) ping me. I might just have some interesting work for you.

So with all that, I’ll have more updates, more coding mischievousness and content coming up in the days and months ahead. Cheers! -Adron

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