Orchestrate.io, Stop Dealing With the Database Infrastructure!

In this interview I talk to Matt Heitzenroder, Co-founder of Orchestrate.io and previous general manager of Basho Europe, data nerd and love of data types. In this video he talks about the data types, data structures, schema or schema-less options, graph, stores and other ideas behind Orchestrate.io. He also jumps into what exactly Orchestrate’s Mission is.

We also dive into some mentions around plans for geo, time series and what Orchestrate is doing with these data options. After a bit of high level discussion, Matt gives us some strategy and tactical around the plans for their involvement in the community, business domains and open source plans.

Close and important to my passions, we discuss some of the plans around what is coming down the pipe for open source involvement, how Orchestrate will fit into that and what code you’ll be seeing from the team.

For a sneak peak of some of the open source coming your way check out and maybe even help out with Salter, now with more Go language oompf!  https://github.com/dizzyd/salter