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RICON 2012
RICON 2012

This is the first in a series (AKA a list) of lists that I’m researching and putting together. I’ve had many questions in the last few weeks for “cool conferences”, “awesome hackathons”, “meetups” and “conferences that are worth the time” and related. So here’s the conferences list so far, I’ll be adding more on my conferences page over time. If you’re looking for the most updated list, check out that page. Here’s what others & I have collected so far. Thanks to everyone on twitter, facebook and those other places we’ve discussed conferences:

Github: @adron
Github: @adron

Developer Conferences

  • Qcon London
  • Qcon San Francisco
  • HTML 5 Developers Conference
  • Web 2.0
  • Velocity Conf Beijing
  • Velocity Conf Santa Clara
  • Strata Conf Santa Clara
  • Strata Conf London
  • Strata Conf Boston
  • Strata + Hadoop World (NYC)

    OSCON (Red Hat table)
    OSCON (Red Hat table)
  • Fluent Conf (San Francisco, CA)
  • Portland Code Camp
  • Seattle Code Camp
  • San Francisco Code Camp
  • Node Conf
  • Node Summit
  • Node PDX
  • Ruby on Rails Conf
  • Cascadia Ruby Conf
  • Strangeloop
  • Defrag / Glue
  • Mobile Web Development Conference
  • Mozilla Festival

    Checking out awesome new tech with Dave McCrory at VMworld
    Checking out awesome new tech with Dave McCrory at VMworld
  • RubyWorld Conference
  • Software Craftsmanship
  • Øredev
  • Monktoberfest
  • Symposium on OS Design and Implementation (OSDI)
  • USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies (FAST)
  • High Performance Transaction Systems (HPTS)
  • ACM Symposium on OS Principles (SOSP)
  • BUILD 2012
  • Railsberry
  • Mix12 – Microsoft
  • RealtimeConf
  • Azure Conf
  • DeployCon
  • AWS re: Invent
  • Cloudbeat
  • Structure
  • CloudConnect
  • TacoConf

To add to this list, check out the Google Docs Worksheet I’ve setup or check out the conferences page. The later I will update regularly whenever there are updates to the Google Docs Spreadsheet.

I don’t often ask for RT, tumblr, reddit or other links, but would love to see how big the list can become, so if you have a second please link it, retweet it, like it on facebook or Google+ and get it out there. Thanks!

Updated on Wednesday the 7th of November, 1:37pm 2012
Last Updated 4:41pm on Wednesday the 7th, November of 2012. For the most up to date list check out the conferences page.

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