Doing a Video Show, Killing Podcasts, Lighting Fires, Code, More Code, New Technology and Making Things Happen!

Video Production is starting soon on a new hard core coder & tech video show. Done on the nitty gritty. It’s going to be about purely tech, code, more code, testing, coding, entrepreneurship in technology (not in general) and more of the hard core, nitty gritty, total hands down low down on the technology sector and technology scene. We’ll be diving into everything from enterprise technology to startup technology, who’s innovating and who’s stagnating, who’s kicking ass and who is enjoying the ride.

What I’d love from you, dear reader, is help with this question. What kind of content would you like?


  1. Regardless of the topics above, I think you need to make the show your own. Do what YOU want to do and let the audience find you. Not everyone likes Hanselminutes – and that’s okay. Personally, I like shows with a strong opinion, like Hypercritical or the old Stack Overflow podcast and I like the more discussion oriented shows, like Hanselminutes and Herding Code. So, what ever you do, OWN IT. Make it yours. The audience will follow naturally. I know I’ll be watching.

    1. Oh yeah, for sure. I can’t not make things my own that I work on. It’s the crazy, metal head, bike riding, coding, creative that I am. 🙂 I do it for me, but I’ll be making a point to find out what I like that people like too. But rest assured, I’ll be piloting this ship steadfastly!

      …and thanks for declaring your viewership early, you ROCK! Cheers.

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