Kav Latiolais Presenting “Better Together: Building Scalable Real Time Collaborative Apps with Node.js” @ #NodePDX

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Kav in some crazy Seattle snow!!
Kav in some crazy Seattle snow!!

Kav is coming down from Seattle to present “Better Together: Building Scalable Real Time Collaborative Apps with Node.js”. Here’s his description of the presentation:

If you’re not using node to build collaborative real time applications you might as well be using rails. In this talk we’ll discuss patterns and pitfalls of synchronous node apps. We’ll roll up our sleeves and dig into some code demonstrating patterns that can help you get started building highly interactive applications that sync real time state with Node.js, Socket.io, and Backbone.js. You will leave this talk with insight on how to build synchronous experiences into your applications and avoid some of the pitfalls we’ve suffered.

Kav Latiolais is a principal and co-founder at Liffft in Seattle and has been developing collaborative Node.js applications for the past year with Giant Thinkwell. He once built a horse racing app in 30 minutes on a bet. Before starting his love affair with Node.JS, Socket.IO, and CoffeeScript Kav was a Program Manager at Microsoft tasked with designing Visual Studio. Don’t tell his old coworkers he exclusively uses TextMate on his Air.

If you’d like to come and check out Kav’s Presentation and the other amazing presentations lined up, get involved in some coding, hear what Node.js is all about, or just hang out please RSVP and get the event on your calendar! Besides, what better reason to come visit the amazing city of Portland, Oregon than to come hack some node.js and chill for the weekend!