Ruby on Rails Hittin’ The Big Time, A Friday PSA

How do you know that Ruby on Rails has already hit the big time?  Not that it needs anymore proof that it is absolutely one of the MAJOR platforms available right now…

  1. Recruiters now regularly come to user groups & offer to “buy the beer” afterwards.
  2. The split of job searches on sites now easily come up with dozens upon dozens of Ruby on Rails Jobs.
  3. Enterprise & Other Managers are commonly asking what the “Ruby on Rails Dev Base” looks like.  In other words, they want to know who and how many people they can hire.
Anyway that you look, you’ll see Ruby on Rails making inroads at a company near you! Keep your eyes peeled, and if you aren’t polyglot now, you might want to start thinking about it.
Cheers!  Happy disruptive markets to you!  😀