Accidentally Monstrous Code Weekend++ Startup Weekend PDX++ Codez

This last weekend, extending into Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were a MASSIVE coding weekend and vacation for me. I initially left with the intent to basically just be lazy and not do anything in particular. Maybe write a little code, learn some more about Rails, RSpec, or Mongo DB. But hold, things changed!

I boarded the train down to Portland on Thursday of last week to attend the ALT.NET PDX Group at E-Discover (thanks E-Discovery for the space!). The meeting went great with a solid 10 people attending and contributing to some great conversation topics like; mongo db, migrations, windows 8, which way the cloud technologies are going, and HTML5 + CSS + Javascript came up more than once.

After that I had a full remote work day fighting with deployment of SQL Compact Edition. Even though Scottgu says you can deploy it with the magical bin deploy, I’ve found that to be absolutely NOT the case. It is unfortunate as I might have to rip something apart pending it isn’t actually going to work on SQL CE. As soon as the work day wrapped up around 4pm, I headed over for a short stay at Beer & Blog at the Green Dragon. After a beer, I was off to Urban Airship to check out this Startup Weekend that I’d managed to luckily get into. It all came about like this…

I still have two free tickets to the sold our Portland
Startup Weekend….really surprised nobody has claimed them.

Can I claim one? I was planning on going… but then saw they were sold out. 🙂

sold! DM me your email address and I will have them set you up. It will be a great

Awesome! DM following.
Which of course set me on a course to go build startup stuff! I was stoked! Later in the week Silicon Florist – AKA Rick Turoczy followed up with a blog entry also.
I joined a team, that eventually built an idea around searching less and learning more, which we called Kind of getting rid of the noise around an individual’s efforts to learn something online. Here’s our presentation at the round up at the end of Startup Weekend.
After the intense Startup Weekend I spent the next three days (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday) catching up on some personal projects and coding. Overall, a very productive vacation and also very relaxing.
I’m definitely sold on Startup Weekends as a a lot of run, and will be attending these in the future. So if you’re heading to one, let me know, we might just have to team up!