HTML5 + Node.js = Marakana Videos That Rock!

I’ve no idea how long Marakana TV has been out, but I stumbled across it recently while bumbling about sites with some Google Searches. It seemed cool enough that I decided I’d post a few videos & a short review of the site. If you’re looking for some great material on these topics go check the site out, you won’t regret it.

Ryan Dahl on Node.js

HTML 5 Boiler Plate with Paul Irish

Apache Cassandra: noSQL, Yes to Scale by SriSatish Ambati

If you haven’t seen Marakana Videos I would suggest checking them out. Their site is at where there are forums, more videos, and other great content. Their site focuses on Open Source Training. There are topics ranging from the above Node.js, HTML 5, Apacha Cassandra, and many more on the site.