ALT.NET Day #3 & #4

The main conference day of the ALT.NET Conference was pretty awesome. With sessions going on diving deep into technical topics and other things, like where the women are in technology. In addition to the great sessions multiple open source software projects where in progress at the same time. Being able to pair up or just review code with people on these projects was truly awesome!

The Open Source Projects

There were the stated open source project and I also started an additional project that I’ve titled Regiztry.  It’s located on Github at

The Various Sessions

The sessions covered a range of topics, from the RESTful technology with Glenn Block to Reactive Extensions with a host of extremely smart people laying out the usage.

I laid out a session also on .NET and bringing the gap with Ruby on Rails in the startup realm. This session I hope to elaborate on a little bit with a subsequent blog entry.

Overall, another kick ass year for the ALT.NET Conference. I enjoyed it a lot, as I see via Twitter that a lot of other people did too! Always a good thing! So until next year, to all those I met it’s been great, cheers!

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