ALT.NET 2011 Day #2

Day #2 kicked off a bit late for me. I arrived around 9:30am which was a bummer, but I at least got a bit of breakfast. The first session I went to was the reactive extensions session. Again though, I was late, so I ended up lost from the get go. That was unfortunate. In addition, all of my computers I brought were either unprepared (didn’t have a VM setup on the Mac yet) or broken (the Win7 box wouldn’t boot Windows Explorer anymore, thank goodness for Launchy). In spite of all that I got lunch with a host of devs at Black Raven Brewery. Absolutely great beer there!

After that the nitty gritty hacking finally got started! I attended the AppHarbor Session (@AppHarbor) given by the founders Michael (@friism) and Troels (@troethom) and decided to start a project myself. I immediately had some bad ass cohorts jump on the team! Eric Ridgeway, Ryan Eastabrook, and Joe Balfantz. We got started, in spite of massive OS and System Failures.

The project that we started is called Regiztry and is available via a repo on Github. The idea for this project actually started with a conversation I had with Rodica Buzescu (@rodica) several months ago. The idea is a contribution, or sharing system, to work with or help out startups. Keep in mind, they’re not all landing VC money! I’ll have more descriptions about how this project is going and better descriptions of it in the near future right here on Composite Code. If you’d like to help out startups, the project, or just code with some awesome people like Eric RidgewayRyan Eastabrook, and Joe Balfantz then message me on Github me.

Anyway, that’s what I got for day #2.