Cuttin’ Teeth With NuGet

If you’re in the .NET Dev space you might have heard about the release of nuget.  This is an absolutely great tool for pulling in dependencies within a Visual Studio 2010 Project.  (It can also help a lot in Visual Studio 2008, and maybe even earlier versions)

Instead of writing up another tutorial I decided I’d put together specific links for putting together packages, installing packages, and other activities around using this tool.  In order of importance in getting started, I’ve itemized the list below.

  1. Nuget Gallery

    The first site to check out is the Nuget Codeplex Site.

  2. Check out the Nuget Gallery.
  3. Then check out the getting start page.

Once you’ve checked out all those sites & got rolling with nuget, be sure to check out some of the blogs from the guys that have put time in on the development and ongoing awesomeness of it!

That’s all I’ve got for now, check out the nuget, if you code against the .NET stack you owe it to yourself!

Also some of my cohorts have put together a few pieces of information related to nuget and getting it tied together a bit like Ruby on Rails Gems: