Geek Cred In The Wild (AWS Edition)

A couple weeks ago on the Amazon Web Services Blog I experienced a stick up.  I shot off a comment about how cool it would be to see some of the AWS Stickers in the wild as one of the comment writers wrote.  Jeff Barr, one of the AWS Evangelists, sent me some stickers via the old snail mail.  I had a few in service already, but have gone about plastering a few of my other machines and such with my new AWS Geek Cred.  Here are a few pictures of my geek cred in the wild.

Laptop w/ AWS Sticker
MIFI w/ WIFI to the AWS
Build a datacenter in 5 minutes.
I built my datacenter in 5 minutes.
Amazon Box Guy
Amazon Box Guy
On the bus...
On the bus... a bit of EC2 and S3

It’s been fun snagging these images here and there.  I suspect I’ll probably end up with more in the future.  I’d love to see any that others might have snagged so send em’ this way – and if they’re Amazon Web Services – send em’ over to Jeff Barr.  I imagine he has a massive sticker collection!  😮

5 thoughts on “Geek Cred In The Wild (AWS Edition)

  1. I want some AWS stickers too! How’d you get yours? I just wrote a blog post about the AWS Import/Export service. It’d be great to have some photos of the stickers to go with it…. (hint, hint)

      1. Thank you, I shall do so! Much appreciated. I just love stickers, and most things of an Amazon sort.

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