Twitter Peoplez

I always see these #ff or #followfriday lists on Twitter.  I figured I’d put together a list, then I ended up creating another list, and another.  It appeared I was past my 140 character limit so here are those lists of Twitterers to follow.

Amazon Web Services Twitterers

Windows Azure Twitterers

Silverlight Twitterers

.NETters (No particular groupings…)

With that list I ponder – anyone have any additional suggestions for follows in these or other software development related areas?

2 thoughts on “Twitter Peoplez

  1. I’m new to the Twitter thing too. I’m a statistician not a developer, though I am a bit of a dot net wannabe, and html css php hobbyiest (Urgghh that sounds dry!) I follow mostly companies and have found very few people that actually say interesting things and are not SEO-bot’s in disguise.

    Have a look at who I follow (my followers are mostly profiles for Antonin Scalia, Bill Cosby, GeekPornGirl and Herman’s BBQ. The latter is probably pick of the litter…). You may find something useful in my lists too, as I don’t follow there, but use them just to keep tabs, so to speak. I’m @EllieAsksWhy on Twitter, and some of my interests intersect with yours, based on your run-down of who you follow in the Twitterverse and what you do.

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