Week 0.5 Hit the Ground Running at Logic 20/20

Week 0.5 and rolling.  This week is my first at my new job with Logic 20/20 as a Senior Consultant (re: Software Engineer, Software Architect, Technical Writer, Mentor, and more).  Mostly I have been ramping up on the new project work heading my way.  I am really stoked to be jumping into Windows Azure and cloud infrastructure, coding, development, best practices, patterns, and looking forward to working with a number of my new coworkers.  This is really a great team of individuals;  solid skills, great attitudes, can do spirit, and all around good people.

Some of my work will of course be covered under NDA, but some of it will be things that I can blog about and will be blogging about regularly.  The first few topics I have already started working on albeit my spare time is almost at zero this week.  I did manage to put some ideas down on a few entries and get prepped to elaborate on those ideas.  As you might guess, these entries will be based around cloud technology.  Some will be specific to Windows Azure, some will be about cloud infrastructure and technology in general.  After all, there are more than a few solutions out there and one has to have a good understanding of the market to really understand the directions the industry is moving.

So stay tuned, I have some good things coming to the blog.