MVC 2 Breaks my Charts?

I wonder if anyone has had issues with running MSCharts with MVC 2?  I have tried a couple of different issues, but still have not got them to render correctly.  In the end I always end up with broken image links.  Has anyone seen this?

I have no errors displaying in my MVC 2 Application build or anything, nothing specific that leads me to any explanation.  If anyone has any ideas, please leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail; adronhall at gmail dot com.  I would greatly appreciate any insight you MSChart Elite may have.  : )

ADDITIONAL NOTE:  The links look like this:

Which I assume is what they should look like, since the ChartImg.axd is supposed to be handling the requests for the chart images.  Maybe the handler is broken/messed up?

3 thoughts on “MVC 2 Breaks my Charts?

  1. I would download FireFox and the FireBug plugin. Then on the images tab of firebug look at the response and see if you see an error. I suspect you have a routing issue.

    Quick example of what I am talking about

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