Egads, Come on Hosting Provider!

I was looking at my analytics over the last week or so and am really annoyed.  I had a solid multiple hours of downtime over the weekend.  Of all times, while I am at ALT.NET Seattle #altnetseattle Conference for my hosting provider to go down.  I would have liked to make blog entries, but instead they got all crammed up.

Anyway, I just wanted to post my massive hit I took because of this.  I do hope that webhost4life improves this and it doesn’t happen again.  My uptime has usually been remarkably good, but this was horrendous, easily breaking my 99% plus uptime promise.

Look at that dip!??!  Come on webhost4life, how about that not happening again!  73% down against regular trends, which if I had that 99% uptime I would have at least gotten the majority of the hits for that day.  Which would have been a decent percentage increase over the previous trended period since I was at a conference!

Harumph.  : (